V40&V41 APP Connection

To connect the sysperl app with vacuum cleaner, pls kindly follow the instructions below

[Important notes: 1. Make sure the wifi is 2.4G. 2. Make sure your phone and the vacuum cleaner use the same wifi , otherwise connection will fail(Eg: if the vacuum cleaner is connected with your wifi, while your phone is connected with a cellular network, the connection will fail)]


  1. Download the “Sysperl App”.
  2. Register an account and log in.
  3. Turn on the bluetooth of your phone.
  4. Click “+”to add your device.

  1. Select "Small Home Application ->Robot Vacuum (Ble+wifi)".



  1. Check"confirm the indicator is flashing rapidly".


  1. Whena voice prompt is heard, pls reset wifi connection by pressing the charging button (home button) on the vacuum cleaner, after which, your vacuum cleaner will be connected with the app.
  2. Click“+”.


  1. Enter your wifi passcode.


  1. Wait about 2-3 mins for connection to finish.


  1. After connection is successful, and you can control your robot vacuum through the Sysperl App.