You may want to know


V40P can clean carpet as thick as 20mm.

It takes around 5 hours.

Yes. The vacuum will stop charging once it's fully charged.

Normally, it is suggested to clean once a week.

Yes,SYSPERL V40P Robot Vacuum could work with the Sysperl APP as the vacuum supports the Wi-Fi connection itself. In addition, you can also control it via Alexa or the remote.

Yes,V40P has a boundary strip.

V40P works with 110-220V.

Yes, it can be used on all the types of floor mentioned.

It's easy. And yes it comes with a razor comband you have to be sure to clean up the axle on either end.


It can hold up to 50KG.

It does not have a garbage recognition function, so it can't recognize animal waste.

Every robot comes with 12 months warranty, if you have any questions, pls contact us at

Yes, it can.

You can use the remote or press the button on the product to control it; our product supports alexa control, but you need to connect with the App before you use alexa to control it.

The map can't be saved, you can only see the record of last cleaning.

It supports 7-day appointment cleaning, you can connect the machine with the Sysperl App and set it.

If you have want to purchase accessories, pls contact us at

It supports magnetic stripe virtual wall and one 3.28 feet magnetic stripe is provided in the box.

The height hight need to be more than 81mm.

You can stick a magnetic strip at the door to prevent the robot from entering

It supports Android, Apple and other smart phone connection, if you can not connect, please contactus at

Pls kindly check whether the wheels are wrapped by hair or not.Pls make sureno obstacleson the ground, so that the item can't passif the problem can't be solved, please contactus at

If you want to replace the battery, pls contact us at

If your robot is connected with the App, the failure will be promptly alerted on your phone.

Yes, it can.

Yes, you can.

Yes, it can.

During the cleaning, it is recommended that you put away wires, cat toys, ropes and similar items on the floor to prevent it from getting tangled.

If the charging base is near to the wall and if the distance between the charging base and product is within 6.5 feet, it is able to find.

If you plug the charging base in , it will return to the base and auto-charge, when battery runs low or cleaning task finished.

Yes, it can

No, the light indicator will stay on to show you its current condition.

It is 81mm.

Not a problem. The map won't be saved, and the robot will renew the map every time it cleans.

No, it can't. it has an automatic carpet booster function for better cleaning of your carpet


It sweeps the ground dust as well as dirt, is good for daily cleaning; but if the ground has a lot ofoil, sauces, etc., It is not suggested to use our product to clean.

It supports Android, Apple and other smart phone connection, if you can not connect, please contactus at

If it's loud, pls update the app version to the newest one and then try it again.

It is suitable for medium pile carpets and can be used on marble floors as well as hardwood.

If you don't have pets, 2 times a week is fine; if you have pets and if you clean once every day, it is suggested to clean it every 2-3 days

If you want to purchase additional virtual magnetic strips, pls contact us at

You can use the "Find Robot" function in the mobile App, and the robot will sound an alert.

filter and sponge filters.

We don't suggest you use it to suck liquids.

It is not suggested to use any liquid cleanser liquid, as it may block the water tank.

Pls take out the dust box first and then take off the mop directly.

If you want to purchase any accessories, pls contact us at

If you install the mop stand, it will sweep and mop at the same time; if you take out the mop stand, it will only sweep.