How to Find the Right Robot Vacuum Cleaner for You?

Picking a robot vacuum cleaner but don’t know where to start? We have compiled a guide to help you find the robot vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs.


Entering the world of robot vacuum cleaners for the first time may be dazzling. Follow our steps and we will use our professional knowledge to help you quickly find a robot vacuum cleaner that suits you.

Before we start looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, it is important to consider the factors that will affect the thorough cleaning of the robot vacuum cleaner:


  1. Floor Type

Robot vacuum cleaners can clean many types of floors such as carpets, tiles and hardwoods. If you only have carpets, then pure vacuum products will be more suitable. However, if you have a hard floor or a combination of multiple floor types, then the integrated robot vacuum cleaner for mopping and sweeping will be a good choice (the integrated robot vacuum cleaner will bring great surprises to your cleaning life) hardwood floors And what is another thing to consider with carpets? Of course, it is a robot that can detect and avoid carpets while working.


Floor Plan and Furniture. If you have a complex plane space such as multiple rooms, floors and many furniture, you should look for a smarter robot. What does smarter robots mean? Robot vacuum cleaners can map your home in different ways: ordinary robots cannot create maps for future cleaning, resulting in reduced efficiency, longer cleaning times and even damage to furniture. Robots with complex drawing functions can create a map of your home and position themselves on the map for future memory cleaning, so as to achieve faster, more systematic and more efficient cleaning. In addition, through the stored map, you will be able to customize the cleaning area you need, and only clean a specific room or area after a meal, such as under the kitchen table. For other areas that do not want to be cleaned, there is no need to repeat cleaning, so as to better save the working time of the machine.


Size of Space. The more space you have, the longer battery run time you need. If your space is particularly large or complex, please choose a robot with a continuous cleaning function, which can automatically return to the charging dock when the battery is low, and continue cleaning from where it stopped after the battery is charged.


Bonus option: Look for a robot vacuum cleaner with an automatic emptying station or upgradeable to one-this provides you with a great way to store dirt and grime without having to empty your robot vacuum cleaner frequently.


Pet Hair. We love furry friends. But if there are pets in the house, their hair will inevitably be entangled with the robot's brush. Look for a silicone, tangle-free brush, and a large garbage capacity to reduce maintenance effort to effectively dispose of pet hair and dander.


Once you have considered your various cleaning needs and determined the cleaning problem you need to solve, then you can consider what type of features you are looking for. If you are still struggling to make a choice, perhaps these 5 functions can help you make the final decision:

  1. Technological choice-no one wants to have to clean or prepare their home (such as removing small objects, obstacles, laying out cables, etc.) before the robot performs the actual cleaning. This is why more and more families choose robot vacuum cleaners ! To ensure that your robot cleans seamlessly, look for a model with object recognition capabilities. Through object recognition, your robot can detect carpets and avoid collisions with your stairs, walls, and furniture. Some advanced object functions can also detect areas where cables, shoes, and robots may be entangled. Other complex functions, such as automatic emptying and no-entry areas are good choices. Together, they provide a higher-quality experience for users who really value cleanliness.
  2.  Thorough cleaning options --- When your robot cleaning work is completed, you don't want to do it yourself where it missed. Make sure your equipment has high performance and can access furniture and hard-to-reach areas. You also need to ensure that it has a convertible mopping function to ensure that the floor is spotless and the dead corners are clean, without dust or stains. When you are in use, make sure you can schedule your robot to run on a consistent schedule to ensure lasting cleaning.
  3. All-in-one choice-we know that everyone doesn't like adding many types of cleaners to their homes. This is why the sweeping robot is a perfect solution, and the integration of the robot vacuum cleaner is particularly important. Using a robot that can complete all cleaning modes, you can not only save time, but also save money! So now you can focus on the things that really matter, such as spending time with your family, relaxing, etc.
  4. Value selection-not every high-tech is useful for everyone. Choose the right product and determine a budget that can bring you value and ensure that the equipment functions can complete the work. The biggest advantage of robot vacuum cleaners is that they can free our hands and not worry about tedious cleaning. So finding the robot vacuum cleaner that suits you is the most valuable.
  5. Automation selection-open the SYSPERL system. You read that right, some robots are compatible with smart home devices and can create a spotless home with just a shout! For those who don't want to return to their dusty home after get off work or vacation, a robot with fully automatic app control is a great solution to get rid of stress and clean with your phone-even when you are away. Not only can you schedule cleaning at any time through app control, you can also customize cleaning and set virtual boundaries.


Follow all our tips and we guarantee that you will find the robot vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs and will have a good home cleaning experience. Everyone can buy the most valuable products for their own home. No matter which sweeping robot you choose, you can have a good cleaning experience, free our hands, and spend more time enjoying life.