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What Sysperl Users Say


It vacuums great, the bin is bigger and it gets the house done before the battery runs down! We have one dog who sheds constantly, one itty bitty dog who doesn't shed at all and a mean old cat who leaves tuffs of hair all over. We also live on a farm, so dirt and dust is forever everywhere. And this vacuum definitely gets the job done!

Kelvin Rosa

Definitely a good one of the inexpensive robo-vacuums.but looks high-quality and a little bit heavy, works really well, seems to be very intelligent and the app is basic but works well mapping the space and remembering where to go (works with Alexa).has four cleaning mode, and comes with brushes replacement.


It works as well as my other $199 Robot vacuum. This is 2600pa. I have bare hardwood floors and 2 cats, low pile rugs, woman with long hair. All the robot vacuum work well for hair. It's amazing I vacuum the whole house and then send the robot out and it gets more. Basic wifi is cool for operation and locating.


easy to use, it was already charged and ready to go!! I like that when the battery is in 20% it goes to charge by it self!! Requieres no help at all!! All the set up is super easy, I like the fact that it has 12 months warranty, there is no way you can go wrong with this robot vacuum.


Love the way it cleans I just use the remote and it starts cleaning. The little thing has good power for what size that it is. You can adjust the power with the remote. When it is finished vacuuming it goes back to the docking station very happy with the purchase.


LOVE. No house mapping but does a great job getting in corners, side walls, and overall room coverage - It's not as speratic with patterns as my previous bot which I like. I was scared to get a vacuum with a mop but it ran for 3 hours in my kitchen/dining room and did a great job mopping.


I love this product, it’s really amazing, its intelligent in cleaning, when identifies that it clean enough it stars another cleaning mode and it pasees several times for the same place until the space is completely clean, it’s not super good for gross carpets but it passes easily over it. I really recommend this product for home uses, not for a professional cleaning or so.

Paola Manrique

I got this for Mother’s Day and I absolutely love it. I’m glad we didn’t buy the ones offered that are twice the price. It works great with the remote and the phone app. This has great suction power. We have 3 kids and 2 pets. We run it daily and have great results. The boundary strips provided are very helpful.