SYSPERL-Help You Achieve Work and Life Balance

SYSPERL-Help You Achieve Work and Life Balance

How to Balance?

Clean life is always a headache? The robot vacuum cleaner can free your clean hands, allowing you more time to enjoy life and discover more convenience. The SYSPERL robot vacuum cleaner can help you achieve a balance between work and life.

All-Round Cleaning

The SYSPERL robot family never let go of any corner of the home, even the most overlooked places, such as under the bed, behind the curtains, under the dining table, in the storage room, etc., which is easy to accumulate dust. With the multi-mode function, no particles or dust can escape their "eyes".


Automatic Cleaning

Plays the role of a housekeeper, support Amazon Echo, Google Home, Baidu, Xiaomi smart speakers, and do what you say will give you a better clean experience. You can control your butler anytime, anywhere. Open the APP, make an appointment for cleaning, and even specify the cleaning area, which is convenient and simple.


Customized Function

As a caring assistant, the SYSPERL robot family even provides you with customized services. For example, you can tell your robot where it is clean and where it is not. You can set the virtual wall at will through the APP.

You can also use a physical magnetic stripe virtual wall to draw boundaries quickly and conveniently. I bet it will be a big surprise!


Large Battery Capacity

With super large battery capacity, the SYSPERL robot will always be by your side. It can automatically recharge and provide services. It can work continuously for about 120 minutes, without requiring you to frequently operate charging or other adjustments, saving you a lot of time and ensuring efficient work.



SYSPERL Robot currently has two series, including:

  • V series (specialist in pet hair and carpet cleaning)
  • X series (two-in-one cleaning with sweeping)
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