Reasons for Choosing SYSPERL X60

Reasons for Choosing SYSPERL X60

①Advanced laser intelligent navigation

Adopt advanced laser intelligent navigation technology to bring a new experience of intelligent cleaning.



②APP control operation anytime and anywhere

Set appointment time, view real-time map and historical map.

Set up the cleaning area and virtual wall, understand the status of the machine and the usage time of accessories.

For people who return to their dusty home after get off work or vacation, robots with fully automatic application control can get rid of stress and clean with their mobile phones.


③Strong suction

Brushless motor motor, can effectively three-speed frequency conversion, strong suction, high efficiency and energy saving.

The three-speed variable frequency brushless motor, with a maximum suction of 2000 Pa, can easily absorb hair, dust, paper scraps and other garbage.


④Two in one roller brush, two in one dust box

With anti-entanglement design, it is easy to clean up dust, hair, paper scraps and other garbage.

Two-in-one brush and glue brush, fit the floor and carpet, and easily roll up large and small garbage into the dust box.

Water tank (electrically controlled water tank) and dust box two-in-one, sweeping, sucking, and dragging can be done in one step.

With a robot that can complete all cleaning modes, you can not only save time, but also save money.


⑤Efficient map management to distinguish the floor and the room

After the mission is completed and returned to the charging station, the map will be automatically saved. Different room maps can be saved separately to meet the cleaning needs of multiple floors. Even if you move to a different room or different floor, you do not need to rebuild the map, you can quickly complete the map matching, and quickly start the cleaning work.


⑥Custom virtual wall

The virtual wall can be set freely through the APP.

You can also use a physical magnetic stripe virtual wall to draw boundaries quickly and conveniently.


⑦Suction and drag integration

Equipped with innovative electronic control water tank technology, integrated into the large dust box design, vacuuming and mopping the floor can be done at one time, fast and convenient.

Both mobile phone APP and remote control can control the water volume, low-grade water volume daily maintenance, medium-grade water volume standard wet mopping, and high-end deep mopping cleaning.


⑧Multiple cleaning modes

Bow-shaped cleaning mode, scheduled cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, enhanced cleaning mode, water tank mopping cleaning mode, five cleaning modes, free to switch according to different cleaning needs.


⑨Full set of sensors, hard core and better

OBS all-terrain detection system, anti-collision, anti-drop, edge, intelligent recharge, a full set of intelligent perception, visible and tangible.


⑩Super strong passability

The non-slip large wheel design + slim body can easily cross obstacles, unblock the bottom of the furniture, and realize barrier-free cleaning in the whole area.



Other advantages

Voice broadcast: real-time voice broadcast, work status and problem situation are clear at heart.

Multi-layer high-efficiency filter element: Multi-layer filtering and cleaning mode to ensure fresh air and prevent bacteria, mites, molds and other allergens from nuisance.

OTA remote upgrade: Using OAT remote upgrade technology, the sweeper system can be updated in real time through APP, allowing the robot to upgrade in time and learn more. The cleaner you are, the better you will be.

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