The Best Thanksgiving Gifts of 2021

Bring a grateful heart to dinner, games or outings with family or friends on Thanksgiving Day. Share the joy of gratitude with everyone, and thank God for his grace. Thanksgiving is a joyful celebration, a day for family reunion, a time to retell friendship, and it is the best opportunity to share and share. SYSPERL will be your better and more suitable choice.


A gift for working from home

SYSPERL is an ultra-modern company that specializes in the production of smart devices to help typical 21st century women complete tasks at home. Mainly cleaning robots that can be used at home.


Your special lady may not mention that they need a new vacuum cleaner, but if you bring home one of our amazing products, they will definitely cheer you and thank you for freeing her hands. There is more time to enjoy your own life, while also bringing a cleaner and more convenient family life to the whole family. Don't just believe our words. The following is a breakdown of each SYSPERL robot vacuum cleaner:



  1. Super suction power (say goodbye to the trouble of hair entanglement)
  • Clean the whole house at one time
  • Long-side brush + large suction power, clean and worry-free after one sweep


  1. Quiet cleaning, no sense of presence
  • Choose high-quality silent brushless motor, so that dust, garbage, paper scraps, and hair have nowhere to escape.
  • Innovative side brush structure design with super suction power, cat hair and dog hair can be easily cleaned and sucked into the dust box. (Tested by CHRIS lab Innovative Human-Machine Intelligent System Laboratory).


    3. Cleaning modes

  • Bow-shaped, strengthened, edged, fixed-point mode, efficient operation, not afraid of cleaning problems.



  1. Remote intelligent control
  • It can be easily cleaned even when not at home.
  • The gyroscope has precise positioning, and the sensitive environment can quickly plan the cleaning route, and the whole house can be controlled in real time.
  • The mobile APP can realize the easy management of the equipment,
  • Equipped with a multi-cleaning mode system, it brings an efficient and multi-functional cleaning experience.


  1. Low decibels, ultra-quiet
  • Using ultra-quiet brushless motor.
  • The lowest is 62dB, which is equivalent to indoor conversation.


  1. Bow-shaped navigation rejects inefficiency
  • Gyro planning + large area coverage, says goodbye to inefficient repeated cleaning.


  1. Anti-tangle hair, no trace of dust
  • Anti-entanglement design (triangular side brush + universal wheel + side wheel), with vacuum suction, keeps away from hair entanglement.


  1. Slim body shape, variable driving speed
  • The height of the fuselage is as low as 78mm, and it can be easily drilled into the bottom of the furniture, so there is no dead corner for home cleaning.
  • Two gears of walking speed, fast and slow.


  1. Anti-skid wheel design, high passability


    7. Strong energy, lasting surging
  • 2600mAh super-capacity lithium battery, easy to achieve long-term battery life


  1. Multiple modes, clean as you wish
  • Bow character mode, appointment mode, edge mode, fixed-point mode, the way you want, efficient cleaning.


  1. Intelligent obstacle avoidance with ease
  • Equipped with OBS all-terrain detection system, obstacle avoidance, anti-collision, anti-falling, and no blind spot cleaning along the edge, with intelligent recharging technology, obstacle avoidance cleaning, never worried.

      ①Anti-collision detection to protect furniture and property.

      ②Cliff detection system, anti-falling.

      ③Automatic recharge detection technology.

      ④Edge detection-cleaning without death ends.


  1. Smart speaker voice control
  • Real-time voice broadcast of the working status and problem situation of the machine.
  • Support Amazon Echo, Google Home, Baidu, Xiaomi smart speakers, and do what you say will give you a better clean experience.


  1. Large dust box design + high efficiency filter element
  • The large dust collection box is equipped with a high-efficiency multi-layer filter system to completely block dust, trash, mites and bacteria, and solve the problems of people with allergies.



  1. Add visual panoramic navigation
  • Hard core brain + smart eyes, using visual mapping and positioning technology.
  • Can see clearly, understand planning, and efficiently clean the whole house coverage.
  • VSLAM algorithm + embedded gyroscope planning, efficient and accurate mapping and positioning, effectively avoiding missing and rescanning areas.
  • Real-time accurate planning of the whole house to achieve high coverage and high efficiency cleaning operations.




  1. Adds suction and drag synchronization, get it all at once
  • Equipped with innovative electronic control water tank technology, integrated into the large dust box design, vacuuming and mopping the floor can be done at one time, fast and convenient.
  • Three-level water pump can be adjusted, mobile phone APP and remote control can control water volume, daily maintenance of low-level water volume, standard wet mopping for medium-range water volume, high-end deep mopping and cleaning.


     2. Final thoughts

  • Thanksgiving is not only to thank God for his favor, but also to let your loved one gets something she will cherish and use. Buy SYSPERL's modern household appliances or any other useful Thanksgiving gifts for your loved ones to express your love and gratitude in fashion.